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Are you prepared for life’s crucible moments or are you playing a game of Russian roulette with your financial future? We have a suite of financial preparedness tools that will ensure you experience a great financial life.

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We are the world’s first Real Estate Investment Advisory Company

Portfolio Review

If you’re an existing investor with investment properties, whether it’s 1 or 100, you can get yourself a Portfolio Review ($500 Value) which is conducted by our licensed finance team.

The futurization of real estate has arrived.


Richard Dolan, President

Canadians have a real estate challenge.

LEGACY is the solution.

The Challenge

How to invest?
Soon there will be an intergenerational wealth transfer of $1.5 trillion. As Baby Boomers commence developing their financial legacy plans, they will require guidance of how best to transfer this wealth to their children. There are 1.6 billion internet searches conducted annually, within Canada, on all things related to real estate investments. We know the challenge is how to best invest your money, and we also know the solution.

The Solution

Our Real Estate Investment Advisors (REIAs) are intelligent, digitally powered and forward thinking. They are eager to support real estate investors in building, preserving and protecting their portfolios. They have the experience and training necessary to equip these real estate investors with the best tools to achieve their goals.


Stuff happens in life. Good and bad. You can’t predict the future but you can prepare for it. Consider this disaster proofing your life.

Here’s our 10 Step What Can Go Wrong Whitepaper absolutely FREE ($47 Value)