The Rise of Real Estate Investment Analytics

The confluence of wealth management, advisory and technology is transforming the real estate industry. Artificial intelligence, robo-advisory, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, big data and machine learning are changing the industry landscape as new technologies become available to consumers and alter the value equation in the provision of real estate services.

According to the expert sources cited in the whitepaper The Rise of Real Estate Investment Analytics, commissioned by LEGACY, artificial intelligence began to impact wealth advisory and management in 2008, when the first robo-advisories were founded. Robo-advisories allowed products to be delivered directly to consumers without intermediaries or additional fees. They represent a new wave of financial advice and investment management firms. states that robo-advisories “automate asset allocation and portfolio management, giving mainstream investors access to a service once reserved for high-net-worth individuals.”

Platforms that provide seamless, fast and convenient interaction have replaced traditional ways of doing business and interacting with clients in many industries. People have high expectations, and it is necessary for real estate professionals to keep up with the world of new technology in order to create value for clients.

Artificial intelligence captures big data and analyzes it for insights, which has a tremendous impact on modern business. Predictive analytics looks at past and future trends to figure out what may happen next and what decisions need to be made. It provides precise forward-looking insight, as well as the ability for fast and actionable insight, which allows businesses and professionals to predict the future using algorithms.

LEGACY’S REIAnalytica tool captures big data in real estate and offers investors present and future scenarios to trigger investment decisions. It also uses big data to build and manage portfolios, helping investors decide the best time to exit, and it eliminates siloed content by aggregating big data into one service. LEGACY is constantly looking into the future of real estate and created REIAnalytica as a result of the education and certification of the Real Estate Investment Advisor. It has gotten a head start in the marketplace and has a competitive advantage. Critical information in real time is at the fingertips of the investor, home buyer, realtor and researcher. The application of REIAnalytica is global in potential and with new iterations will always be a product at the forefront of the real estate industry.

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REIAnalytica Whitepaper