Watch Now: The Power of Networking and How to Set Yourself Up for Success in 2019

It’s time to set an objective, set an intention and set a goal so you can build your LREIA business in 2019!

In this video, JG Francouer dives into the power of networking and how to set yourself up for success this year.

He discusses why it’s important to go back to the ground roots of it all (networking) and why meeting people is the key to your success. As an LREIA, you are in the business of introductions and you need to put yourself out there & create a game plan in order to achieve your goals.

To find out why you need a plan for networking, why social media is a great tool, and to discover the value of portfolio reviews and portfolio planning sessions, watch now:

This month, we’ve offered you free tickets to the Real Estate Intelligence Network (REIN)’s upcoming Money Clinic and SOS Calgary events. These are incredibly powerful networking tools to take advantage of in order to build relationships, set yourself apart from your competition, and propel your LREIA business.