LEGACY Lounge and Studio Recap

What a couple of weekends it was!

Over 30 LEGACY REIAs took advantage of the LEGACY Lounge and Studio at the Edmonton and Vancouver REIN ACREs.

Ideas were shared, connections were made, laughs were had and work was done!

Hours of Intro videos and marketing content was shot by you LREIAs, we took 1,000’s (yes 1,000’s of pictures – more of some of you than others – you know who you are 🙂 ) and we got the raw materials for some really great marketing content that you will be proud to use in your BiB marketing efforts.

The team is still working through all the content – editing and creating short, high quality intro videos and touching up headshots – so please be patient and know we are working on them.

Based on feedback and results the LEGACY Lounge and Studio was a resounding success and something we will be looking at bringing to more live events in the future

Here is an example of one of the videos after editing and production: