On December 4 at 12pm & 7pm at Markham Hilton Suites Conference Centre & Spa, we are conducting an exclusive special FREE information session for you.

Real Estate is in the middle of a transition and the best way to ensure you come out on top is not by managing the transition but rather by transforming yourself and your business. Here’s what we’ve developed:

  • Cutting-edge technology you need to transform and bullet-proof your Real Estate business
  • Time-tested education and knowledge to identify the DANGERS and minimize your RISKS
  • How you can tap into the largest inter-generational wealth transfer ($1.5 Trillion) that’s occurring in Canada NOW
  • Why becoming Real Estate Investment Advisor sets you apart from the crowd and positions you as a LEADING EXPERT

    Only 40 FREE SEATS Available!

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    A) The skills & tactics needed to avoid the DANGERS taking place in the real estate industry RIGHT NOW 

    B)  Knowing where the industry is going, where it’s going to land and HOW cutting-edge technology (powered by Artificial Intelligence) assists in tapping into over ONE BILLION ONLINE SEARCHES to reach new clients

    C) How to REVOLUTIONIZE your existing business and create additional streams of income by tapping INTO Artificial Intelligence technology we’ve co-created & developed

    D) Understanding exactly how you can POSITION YOURSELF as an industry LEADER,  better serve your clients and sky rocket your return on investment!