It’s time to set an objective, set an intention and set a goal so you can build your LREIA business in 2019!

In this video, JG Francouer dives into the power of networking and how to set yourself up for success this year.

He discusses why it’s important to go back to the ground roots of it all (networking) and why meeting people is the key to your success. As an LREIA, you are in the business of introductions and you need to put yourself out there & create a game plan in order to achieve your goals.

To find out why you need a plan for networking, why social media is a great tool, and to discover the value of portfolio reviews and portfolio planning sessions, watch now:

This month, we’ve offered you free tickets to the Real Estate Intelligence Network (REIN)’s upcoming Money Clinic and SOS Calgary events. These are incredibly powerful networking tools to take advantage of in order to build relationships, set yourself apart from your competition, and propel your LREIA business.

What a couple of weekends it was!

Over 30 LEGACY REIAs took advantage of the LEGACY Lounge and Studio at the Edmonton and Vancouver REIN ACREs.

Ideas were shared, connections were made, laughs were had and work was done!

Hours of Intro videos and marketing content was shot by you LREIAs, we took 1,000’s (yes 1,000’s of pictures – more of some of you than others – you know who you are 🙂 ) and we got the raw materials for some really great marketing content that you will be proud to use in your BiB marketing efforts.

The team is still working through all the content – editing and creating short, high quality intro videos and touching up headshots – so please be patient and know we are working on them.

Based on feedback and results the LEGACY Lounge and Studio was a resounding success and something we will be looking at bringing to more live events in the future

Here is an example of one of the videos after editing and production:


AIDA – Artificial Intelligence Digital Advisor

You have likely heard us talk about her and you may have even seen her in action at recent events.

Here is the news – we are loading her up on each of your LEGACY REIA Personal Marketing Pages (PMP). She is going to allow visitors on your site to interact and get directed to the most relevant and appropriate fulfillment option for them.

AIDA will ask your visitors a few key questions and based on their answers she will notify you of their interest and focus and what you should do next to serve them.

The benefit to you is that you get Leads that are stronger, clearer and with more information about the client so that you can have more powerful conversations. Basically, she is going to have that first pre-qualifying conversation for you.

What you need to know:

When some visits your PMP and leave their contact details you will receive an email (at your email address) with their details and preferred time to contact. It will be up to you to take the next steps and contact the lead as requested.

If they request a portfolio request through your site you will receive a notification through KiSSFLOW that a portfolio review has been submitted naming you as the LREIA.

As we continue to develop and roll out additional marketing automation AIDA will also integrate with the CRM and marketing platforms to drive more and better leads to you the LREIA.

She is going to be your 24 hour, 365 days a year, never sick and never needs a vacation Digital Sales assistant.

Watch as JG demos AIDA at the recent Vancouver ACRE.

LEGACY REIAs who have a Personal Marketing Page up can expect to see AIDA coming online over the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to

If you have been working the Marketing Plan as laid out by JG in the marketing training module you are likely beginning to engage prospective clients at a more personal and 1:1 level.

As a LEGACY REIA you have numerous tools available for you to take that prospective client from that first “Elevator Pitch” through to the submission of an “Introduction”.

The path a particular Client might take can vary and the tools you deploy need to match and serve that client’s situation and goals.

To help you navigate those paths and the steps along each of those paths we have released a new training module to support you.

This training module is very comprehensive with training videos from Richard Dolan and Role-play videos from Richard and JG. The resources and tools that your need for each step are included in the lessons and available for your download and use when needed.

Here is how it works:

Go to the Business in a Box Training Modules Section:

Then Click the “Client Path” Module heading in the left-hand navigation:

This will bring up The Client Path Overview Page:

On this page, you will notice there are navigation options on the left for Short, Medium and Long Path. Although there are many combinations and directions you may go with a prospective client we have created three path types that should cover most of the situations you might face when working with someone.

Also on this page is a video designed to help you navigate the overall Training Module.

On this page you will see a window with a flow diagram – we have created a step by step diagram for each of the paths. If you click the “Toggle all views” you will see all three paths in the window. From there you can click any of the steps or boxes and that will launch you to the corresponding Lesson on that step or topic.

You can also click either of the Path Buttons and explore that path as a stand-alone.

Each path has a brief overview video introducing you to that path, what it represents and when you might use it.

This training module contains a lot of content AND will continue to be adjusted based on feedback and as additional training videos come on line – so check back! In the meantime jump in. It may be counter-intuitive but jumping in on the Long Path training may give you the most impact as what you learn there is applicable and used in the Medium and Short paths.

Please feel free to feedback any thoughts or requests – remember you are in this business for yourself not by yourself.




Shout out to LREIA Darcy Marler from CGO JG Francoeur.

Darcy is the first LREIA to post a video to his BiB Personal Page and is actively posting to his blog

Check out what Darcy is doing



We completed Four days of video shooting and content development in Toronto a couple of weeks ago!

This content creation was dedicated to you the LREIA and providing you additional information and training on the journey you will take your clients on.

If you attended Quick Start Richard walked you through this Client Journey and showed you the tools available to walk a client from Meeting to LEGACY Service Provider Introduction. Well, we have broken that info down into three journeys (Short, Medium and Long) with individual steps, video and the supporting documentation. AND we have added some role-play video with JG and Richard to really drive home the learning.

We are super excited to bring this to you and the materials are currently in video production and we are targeting the end of October for release to you the LREIA.


JG Francoeur and Hugo Dos Reis dig deep into the Mortgage and Real estate finance world and what that means to you the LREIA.

We also explain the role Vine plays in the LEGACY REIA game and explain the Portfolio Review – this is an extremely valuable conversation and should be required viewing!

Check it out.


As a certified LREIA, we are offering you and only you an EXCLUSIVE OFFER to bring TWO guests for FREE to this year’s ACRE!

ACRE is transformational and this is going to be the best year yet, with the latest groundbreaking information and research, special keynote speakers* and more.

Partnership has its privileges. There is no better environment to bring your clients, joint venture partners or anyone you want to do business with. Experiencing an event like this with someone bonds you forever. This is an opportunity you (and they!) won’t want to miss. (* Speakers may be different in Vancouver)

Tickets WILL sell out! Register today before it’s too late.

To order your guest ticket(s), email and we will be happy to assist you. This offer applies to both Edmonton and Vancouver. You may bring and/or send two guests to each event. Please note you do not have to attend ACRE to send a guest, but it is highly recommended that you do. We can’t wait to see you there!

This September, REIN President Richard Dolan is touring LIVE with the man, the myth, the legend Tony Robbins and he has a special invitation to you LEGACY REIAs.

As an LREIA we are offering you $100 off the regular ticket price. We are also encouraging you to share this opportunity with clients/prospects/family and friends and again as an LREIA you can offer your guest $100 off the ticket price as well.

Ticket includes a photo and Meet and Greet with the Man (at Platinum Level Tickets). Learn more about this amazing event.

To make sure you and your guests are looked after please email if you are interested in taking advantage of this offer.

A super quick video from JG about something that we are super excited about! Super excited (did we mention that..)!

The Portfolio Review will basically give your prospects/clients an opportunity to have their portfolios reviewed by LEGACY – huge value add!

Currently in Beta testing with the Global Partners.

We will notify when available.