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Blockchain’s Impact on Real Estate in 2019

As we approach the end of 2018, LEGACY is preparing for the changes facing the real estate industry in 2019. Canada is currently experiencing a massive intergenerational wealth transfer and people are investing in real estate more than ever before. Digitization – including blockchain, cryptocurrency and ArtificialRead more

Artificial Intelligence – Transforming & Enhancing Real Estate Transactions

As we move further into the Futurization of Real Estate, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming and enhancing real estate transactions for both buyers and real estate professionals. Merriam-Webster defines Artificial Intelligence as “the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour.” According to CNBC, AI isRead more

How Blockchain Will Transform Commercial Real Estate

Blockchain could take over the commercial real estate industry because it allows for seamless and secure transactions, offering a level of transparency and efficiency that is especially important in real estate. Commercial real estate services company Cushman & Wakefield recently reported that while the adoption of blockchainRead more

How Blockchain & AI Will Reshape Real Estate

Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping the real estate industry by increasing transparency, efficiency and accuracy while reducing risks and unnecessary costs. According to a recent article in The Financial Post, "How blockchain and artificial intelligence will reshape real estate", new technology will change theRead more

The Rise of Real Estate Investment Analytics

The confluence of wealth management, advisory and technology is transforming the real estate industry. Artificial intelligence, robo-advisory, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, big data and machine learning are changing the industry landscape as new technologies become available to consumers and alter the value equation in the provision of realRead more

Launch of Portfolio Review

You have spent decades building, preserving and protecting your real estate portfolio. However, times have changed and markets are evolving to the point that in order to succeed, you need to evolve with them. The methods you have always used may not be the best methods toRead more

Inheritance Tax

Unlike the United States and many other countries, Canada does not have an inheritance tax. The absence of this tax creates two arguments, one in support of introducing a tax and one against. Those who support the implementation of an inheritance tax argue that not having oneRead more

What Could Go Wrong: Disaster-proofing Your Life

Adversity can strike at any time. Whether it is emotionally, physically, financially or intellectually, adverse events don’t schedule themselves into our lives. They don’t knock on the door and ask us if we’re ready to have our world turned upside down, politely turning away when we say

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RESAAS Services Inc. + REIN Announce Partnership

The future of real estate is here. In partnership with RESAAS Services Inc., REIN is thrilled to announce we are developing an app that will allow real estate investors to discover and share real estate investment properties within the REIN network. With the increasing demand for not only

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Why We MUST Celebrate Real Estate Entrepreneurs in Canada

Real estate entrepreurs are under attack from all sides – yet THEY have provided the rental market supply, while the big players have focused on condo buildings to fill the sales demand. In fact, it seems that the narrative that surrounds the terms ‘real estate investor’ and

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